Saturday, March 9, 2013

SEVAI-OFI Cow farm calf care training

Calf Care in SEVAI-OFI Cow project

One day training program for “Calf care in dairy farm” was organized by SEVAI recently for the cluster organizers of SEVAI so that the clusters in turn train the SHG women cow farmers.Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi,a social Scientist and mentor of SEVAI Projects enlightened the importance of calf rearing in the cow farm. Thangaraju, a field functionary oriented the SHG clusters on calf care. He said “All dairy operations must be planned with due regard to the comfort the animal. After calving the cow will usually be up and will begin to dry the calf. Normally the calf will be on its feet and ready for suckling the dam within an hour. Some assistance in this stage is useful, cleaning the udder before the calf starts sucking is important. Feed the calf with first milk i.e. colostrum at least for 48 hours. The colostrums should be fed within half an hour after birth. Delay in its feeding causes the calf to loose the ability to absorb antibodies across its inertial walls. The antibodies present in colostrum protect the calf against diseases and it has a laxative effect the rate of feeding should be about 10% of the calf s weight per day up to a maximum of 5-6 liters per day. The calf is best maintained in an individual attention stall for the first few weeks. After about eight weeks it may be handled with a group. The cow farmer is to take body weight of the calf and identify the calf by tattooing, At the age of 15 days 32-40 CC of H.S. serum should be inoculated, Dehorn the calf preferably within 15 days after birth, Teats of the udders of heifers in excess of four should be removed, At the age of 3 months the calf should be vaccinated against Anthrax and fifteen days there after it should be vaccinated against B.Q.The future of any herd depends upon how calves are raised. One has to raise one's own calves to make a good herd. So the calf rearing should be taken upon scientific lines and it should be achieved economically. It is very important to provide fresh, clean water all times, particularly when milk feeding is induced discontinued, Giving of identification mark which is necessary for keeping proper records, proper, feeding, better ore and management”.Thangaraju also elaborated various other tips for calf rearing.OFI team members were present on this day in cow farm.-Govin

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