Tuesday, April 30, 2013

9th Decade entry Souvenir presented to Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan

Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan couple honoured
Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan, a noted Tamil Scholar from Trichy was honoured with the "9th Decade entry Souvenir ' marking his 81st birthday. Trichy Citizens Forum organized this function in Trichy on Sunday, the 28th April 2013.Prof.A.Arivoli who presided over the function mentioned that this 9th decade entry Souvenir had been awarded to Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan   for his yeoman service for the promotion of Tamil language and literature. Prof.A.Arivoli also mentioned that Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan is a recipient of several prestigious awards for his contribution to Tamil and also education to the student community.Dr.V.Jayapal, senior member of District Welfare committee honoured Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan and his wife with Ponnadai and souvenir. Seniour Advocate Dharmaraja said ‘Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan is the exemplary orator and an eminent moderator of Patti Mandrams, author of several literary books.The Chairman of South Zone Board of continuing Education,Dr.K.Govindaraju mentioned that  Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan had been awarded with Dr.Malcolm S.Adi Seshiah Centenary Award with a purse of Rs.50,000 and a citation for his contribution in the field of Education by Tamilnadu Board of Continuing Education for the year 2010. Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan is currently serving as the Chairperson of Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam, Trichy and he was recently honoured with a purse and title of 'Ulaga Tamizh Maamani'. Prof.So. Sathiyaseelan spoke that such recognition by the organizing committee of this function would prove to be a boon for the entire literary community. It would help in attracting more people, particularly the youngsters, towards the literary field. He also appreciated the gesture of the organizers of this function for recognizing his services in the areas of Tamil promotion and Education. The managing Director of Moon TV, L.Shanawas Khan and several others honoured Prof.Sathiyaseelan couple with Ponnoadai.Pattimandarm orator Maathu welcomed the gathering and V.Jawahar Arumugam, working Chairman of Trichy district writer association proposed vote of thanks. Govin

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