Saturday, September 7, 2013

Agriculture field waterway needs to be cleared by farmers’ civil society.

Water body to agriculture field obstructed by water plants

We are thankful to nature and we have water in River Cauvery and paddy cultivation is progressing in Pettavaithalai. We faced extreme drought during 2012 as there is no rain and there was also no water in River Cauvery. Due to the good South west monsoon, the Mettur dam Reservoir touched its full capacity and water in River Cauvery was released for Agriculture operation by Government of Tamilnadu. Although the water is full in River Cauvery, the branch water ways to the agriculture field is surrounded by water blocking plants. These plants need to be cleared for the smooth flow of water in waterways to Agriculture fields in Pettavaithalai and Sirugamani.We cannot expect that all these works are to be attended by Governments. We had earlier Kudimaramathu (self help by community) and this system is slowly forgotten, and the public think that all minor activities are to be implemented by Governments. It is important that the local civil societies are to recollect the Kudimaramathu and clear the buses and water blocking plants in waterway to the agriculture field. Such initiatives are to be undertaken by Gramasaba members and they can apply to Government to get permission to clear the bushes at Farmers cost instead of waiting for the Government to clear these water body bushes. As a farmer of this feeding waterway to my agriculture filed, I am most willing to contribute my share of expenditure to clear the blocks and get smooth water flow to my paddy field.-Govin

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