Saturday, September 7, 2013

“Periodic monitoring serves the purpose of making Cow project more visible and successful”. - SEVAI.

SEVAI-OFI Volunteers cow project -Sirugamani

SEVAI Team undertakes monitors efficient management of Cow project in SEVAI Sirugamani as guided/supported by OFI Volunteers. This management system to monitor all activities related to the Purchase of the Cows effectively in SEVAI and the team promoted Standardization of report formats from all cows, Better services, Better fund management, Effective monitoring of the cow project, compilation of all reports originating from the cow profile, travel expenses at start of cow market visits, Purchase details of Cows Seller details, etc. Insurance Details, Post purchase follow-up, Inspection details, Insurance Claim details. The system facilitates monitoring and generation of required MIS reports, providing instant access to all the documents, cow farm  Status, marketing status, staff details, Development completed. Veterinarians’ services, The SEVAI Supervisor team also verifies the feed purchased, used and the balance
SEVAI Team verifies cattle feed flow chart
stock etc. Milk sold, payments received and paid for the various approved items.Dravida Selvi and the other staff members were oriented on MIS by
Feeding calves in SEVAI-OFI Cow farm
Suda, the finance officer of SEVAI and Kalpana for Computerized documentation. SEVAI
NGO focusing on Cows rearing and also involved in fodder cultivation, feed procurement, promotion of milk cooperative, agro resource management for cow farming, water supply  and organic farming promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers through cow rearing.SEVAI  has integrated many forms of monitoring in the implementation of the project, so that they are inseparably interwoven. Observing and recording of data of one activity is a necessary precondition for the implementation of another activity, and they are all indispensable and sensible for the ultimate aims of the Cow Project. Indicators – the data that is observed and recorded – provide necessary information for the process, but are also a source of information on the project’s influence on how this project would improve the lives of poor through using the project. M and E exercise is as a way to make the activities of the project transparent and easy to account for the Cow project. Suda mentioned, “Monitoring serves the purpose of making what we do visible in the sense that it provides tools and instruments to communicate throughout the implementation of the project”.-Govin

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