Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Development is not providing but promoting the poor and needy-K.Govindaraju, SEVAI

SEVAI: Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement ( had undertaken
comprehensive projects for the past three decades. The founder Director K.Govindaraju and the project team with the support of the partners and beneficiaries made it possible to implement such projects useful to the neediest communities. It has implemented projects pertinent to rural and slum and also for disaster response projects in Tamilnadu. There are competed projects and SEVAI has also undertaken several other projects as ongoing. 
The completed projects as of 29th August 2013 are 20 Day care centres of 600 rural Children,Three vocational training centres for rural women, Construction of comprehensive shelter projects in rural/urban slums:Kakayampatty,Chinnakulathur,Chinnakulathur,Chinnayampalayam,Villukaranpatty,Dasilnaickanoor,Kaluhur,Thirumanickampatty,Keelaveliyur,Melaveliyur,Archampatty,Neithalur,Uthampatty,Perur,P.Gudalur,Desiyamangalam,Kurikaranpatty,Vepangudi,Thottiyapatty,Melapatty,Mettumarudur,Sukkankuli,Allur,Pooninagar,Amman nagar,Palur,Mutharasanallur,Thirumanicampatty,M.Gudalur,Amoor,Perugamani,Palayur,Allur,K,K,Nallur,Nagammai nagar,Poovalur and Manachanallur block villages,Vedarajapuram,Pudutheru,Thirunagari,Thennampattinam,Neithalvasal,Thidalveli theiru,Poovam and Karaikal block villages etc. These houses have been constructed with community involvement with their active participation with their unity, as the houses have been constructed; the youth had been learning the construction skills, developing participatory leadership with attitudinal changes. These villages have also been provided with community centre, house hold tree plantation and livelihood promotion projects with toilet facilities and water facilities, Shelter improvement projects for 705 families with rural sanitation projects such as toilets and soak pits and hygiene practices. Constructed tree community centres in Samathuvapurams.Planted and grown trees under national waste land program. Completed two watershed projects in 412 hectares of land, Constructed 20 sanitary complexes and trained the user groups the community toilets in Trichy slums. Constructed and put into use 2870 house hold toilets in rural and slum areas. Developed two cost effective building material production centres, Undertaken relief and rehabilitation projects on three occasions of cyclone, floods and tsunami, Research and development projects for tapping drinking water from sand dunes in coastal area, Provided support of sharing water for irrigation projects among the farmers of Vedarajapuram,Passing on gift of goats for 2347 families under HPI Projects. SEVAI Provided working capital for fisher women after tsunami start up livelihood activities, Constructed 20 balwadi centres for tsunami affected areas.Constructed 1250 permanent homes for tsunami survivors’ families of Nagapatinam and Karikal District, Establishment of Gowen Dispensary and Raman Dispensary in coastal area, Construction of four PDS Shops in remote villages, Household tree plantation in Poompuhar village after tsunami. Trained youth in Jacquard hand looms, Trained young women in Gem polishing projects. Implemented Basic Literacy, Post Literacy and Continuing Education centres for 15000 population as pilot project, Implemented Inclusive Education for disabled for 3500 children in Trichirappalli District. Conducted Non-formal Education for 3000 school drop-outs as pilot project. Conducted three schools for child labourers as a process of child labour elimination. SEVAI has also Established Resource and training centre for HIV/AIDS prevention folk media ICE centre. Well deepening program for 50 farmers for promoting irrigation for garden lands. Construction of School building in Mettumarudur Primary school.Constructed school building in Bichandarkoil for Primary school. Constructed a crèche building in Bichandarkoil.Fish boat construction and training for fishermen. Providing fishing boats with motors for fishermen, Provided cows to non fishermen for their livelihood in the coastal area. Establishment of women self help groups in Nagapatinam and Karaikal areas. Study of MFIs in rural areas.Fit for job and fit for life research study in Trichy region for assessing job opportunities for youth. Establishment of cluster centres for SEVAI for decentralizing SEVAI Projects. Provision of safe drinking water for 360 villages through Handpumps, Constructed children friendly toilets for balwadi in 300 schools, promoted pedal pumps and solar cookers, Introduced TARA Pumps for drinking water.Milch Animals project under social welfare board scheme for poor women, School uniform stitching units by women SHGs, Vegetable vendor project under social welfare Board, Social Animators training project . Govin

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