Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Affordable Eco friendly sanitation and Toilet Technology is the need of the hour”- M.Subburaman

“Affordable Eco friendly sanitation and
Toilet Technology is the need of the hour”-to improve the quality of life of poor and needy mentioned by Mr.M.Subburaman, an international repute in the field of Eco-sanitation in a one day seminar organized by South Zone Board of Continuing Education recently in Trichirapalli.
Dr.K.Govindaraju, Chairman of South Zone Board of Continuing Education introduced Mr.M.Subburaman and said that Affordable Eco friendly sanitation technology has been promoted by M.Subburaman in Trichirappalli District.K.Govindaraju further said that Mr.M.Subburaman With Chemistry and Education Degrees holder,Mr.Subburaman started working with poor and needy with a comprehensive approach of Development with a special focus on eco friendly toilets and the associated sanitation activities even in mid seventies,M.Subburaman started his service as grass root level development worker and his involvement and dedication elevated him as consultant to several national and international organizations and he travels most parts of the globe and shares his experience working with Eco-Sanitation with like minded personalities. M.Subburaman principally implements in his sanitatory and toilet technology experiments and then only he shares his accomplishment once gets satisfied in the functioning of the eco-san technology and its efficient practice. In a recent meeting organized by South Zone Board of Continuing Education, as guest of honour, Mr.M.Subburaman mentioned, “Appropriate technology means developing a technology suitable to the changing conditions to suit local from open defecation days through pit latrine, twin pit latrine, latrine septic tank and underground drainage system he has  reached the decentralized environmentally friendly Ecological sanitation model. Ecological Sanitation is an integrated and holistic approach to the management of human excreta, utilization of the rich nutrients in both human urine and faeces". Mr.Subburaman also mentioned that Ecological sanitation, also known Eco-San, a sanitation process that uses human excreta and household waste-water as resources to be recovered, treated where necessary, and reused, instead of as waste, Unlike most conventional sanitation methods, ecological sanitation processes human waste as well as sometimes animal waste, and organic kitchen waste to recover nutrients usually for the purpose of growing crops that would otherwise be discarded. Mr.Subburaman narrated, “Eco-San is based on the systematic implementation of reuse and recycling of nutrients and water as a hygienically safe, closed-loop and holistic alternative to conventional sanitation solutions. Eco-San systems enable the recovery of nutrients from human faeces and urine for the benefit of agriculture, thus helping to preserve soil fertility, assure food security for future generations, minimize water pollution and recover bio-energy. They ensure that water is used economically and is recycled in a safe way to the greatest possible extent for purposes such as irrigation or groundwater recharge”. He further enlightened the audience the various advantages of of ecological sanitation systems  such as  Improvement of health by minimising the introduction of pathogens from human excreta into the water cycle, Promotion of safe, hygienic recovery and use of nutrients, organics, trace elements, water and energy, Preservation of soil fertility, Contribution to the conservation of resources through lower water consumption, substitution of mineral fertiliser and minimisation of water pollution, Improvement of agricultural productivity and food security, Promotion of a holistic, interdisciplinary approach  and  Material flow cycle instead of disposal of valuable resources”.  Mrs.Vanitha proposed vote of Thanks.-Govin

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