Sunday, October 6, 2013

SEVAI imparts not only technical skills on dairy farming but also life enrichment skills to women SHG members those aspire establishing dairy farming.

Cow expecting its calf on milking time in SEVAI Cow farm

SEVAI imparts not only technical skills on dairy farming but also life enrichment skills to women SHG members those aspire establishing dairy farming in SEVAI Cow farm in Sirugamani.SEVAI/OFI Partners Dairy farm Services provide the villagers complete end to end solutions in dairy farming. Our services start right with the conception of idea of an ideal dairy farm fully customized according to the local environment and cow farmer needs. This cow farm consulting services focuses on efficiency as well as efficacy. This Cow project fully utilizes optimum local resources. SEVAI/OFI Partners Dairy farm Services Include the aspects of dairy farm operations such as: Developing Standard farm operating procedure and annual business plan, Farm layout, Manpower planning and solutions, Training sessions, Sourcing of Livestock, Fodder management Computation of feed, Farm mechanization , Optimization of operating costs and efficiency ratios, Designing of most economical, comfortable and secure cow sheds and other required spaces, Focus on maximizing productive investment and minimizing investment on non productive items, lucrative returns on investment, Most economical and rational service charges. The Life coping skills were also imparted to cow farmers for developing Personal Skills such as Punctuality, Pleasing Personality, Sincerity, Loyalty, Responsibility, Reliability, Spontaneity, Ethical, Industrious, Self Esteem, Good Perception, Presentability, Stress Management Problem Solving, Presence of Mind, Hard Working. Social Skills, Acceptability, Listening, Patience, Ability to solve Interpersonal Conflicts, Overcoming Inhibitions Hospitality, Overcoming Shyness, Accepting one’s faults, Handling hardships and failures and Approachability and  Communication Skills such as Dialogue, Group Communication, Clarity, Public Speaking, Good Expression, Ability to Understand, Interpretation, Oral and Written, Formal and Informal, and   Work Skills such as enterprise Correspondence, Drafting, handling stationery, Utilization of  Resources Electricity. Cost Consciousness, Office Assistance. Computer Assistance, Accounting Skills and Awareness of Competitors, Creative Skills Updating of knowledge and skills, Innovative, Risk Taking and More Imaginative and Leadership skills such as Empathy, Impartiality, Co – ordination, Animation, Facilitator, Team Building, Approachability, Dynamic, Crisis Management, Resourcefulness, Focused, Participatory Leadership, Decision Making, Counseling, Service Minded, Initiative, Delegations, Self Motivation, Appreciative, Organisation Skills etc.-Govin

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