Friday, October 11, 2013

“School Education can make person a good citizen”-says Mrs.P.Chitra, Principal of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School pupils play

In Life Enrichment class for High School students of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, the principal of the School, Mrs.P.Chiotra spoke to students, “School Education helps pupils become good citizens. Many students find something they have an affinity for or are passionate about while exploring in school. Getting an education also greatly increases opportunities for suitable employment. They key to a productive society is understanding one another, which enables all to respect each other. Education provides information about people and processes, making it easier for people to relate to others that are "different" and to see them as fellow humans. When we see each other as fellow humans, rather than "the others" or some other categorization, people behave much better. What they think makes a good citizen, is someone who has 'empathy' for other people, Someone who cares and shares, Someone who respects people, Someone who understands that rules are made for good reasons and does not break them, Someone who judges people on their behavior not on their appearance, Someone who cares about the community and our world. A good citizen would take part in out of school activities”. Being a good citizen means being polite and well mannered being friendly and helping old and young people. You would find a friend at school. You have to be a kind person who helps people and to be truthful.. We need good citizens to help people who cannot help themselves. We need good citizens to help make our world a happier place - through sharing ideas and making sensible rules, We need good citizens who appreciate the good things in our world who are responsible for caring for them by recycling and conservation, We need good citizens who respect, tolerate, understand and care for each other”. Mrs.P.Chitra concluded saying that a good citizen Cares for himself / herself, Cares for other people, Shares things, Doesn’t hurt anyone, Is kind and thoughtful, Helps people who need help, Has a generous spirit, A good citizen is somebody you can rely on, Someone who is confident and tries to help others”. -Govin

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