Monday, December 22, 2014

SEVAI-Amoor SHG members produce the ‘agal vilakku,. under Elle Founder project

Agal Vilakku production by  SEVAI SHG

SEVAI-Amoor SHG members produce the ‘agal vilakku,’ the traditional earthen lamps, for the Karthigai festival. Then improvised equipment not only makes their labour easy to a great extent. Logambal the SHG Members, says that the improvised method has spared them of intensive labour. As many as 2,000 lamps of ‘number 1’ size daily, the standard size used for lighting the ‘deepam’ during the festival, could be The equipment could be altered for making larger or smaller lamps also. Explaining the advantages of the equipment, Ms.Logambal said that the new device does not require any special skill. In fact, it has become a hassle-free effort. The lamps making equipment is ideal for the locally available. Since Karthigai Deepam is a festival of light, the whole house is decorated with the oil lamps called as “Agal Vizhakku”. These lamps are considered as an auspicious symbol wherein lighting them depicts warding off darkness with light representing joy, goodness and prosperity. The whole Karthigai month is considered auspicious and lamps are lit throughout the month and Kolams (rangoli) are drawn in front of the houses. -Govin

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