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Amour Cottages are located in a beautiful village in Trichy District.

Amour Cottages are located in a beautiful village near a beautiful river, (Amoor Agraham sevai musiri block, Tiruchirappalli 621221, India: and It is quiet place and Trichy is a city of rich legacy, the holy river Cauvery the natural wonder Rock fort to traditional villages and temples there is something for everyone who visits Trichy and its surroundings. The city  is on the banks of the River Cauvery making it one of the most fertile regions in Tamilnadu. A 3,800 million year old rock structure with a shrine on top is called as Rock Fort. It is visible for miles around the city and a view from the
Coconut groves with birds in Amour cottages
top, is exciting either by sunrise or sunset. A walk on the Cauvery bridge, a dip in the river make a perfect outing for most residents of Trichy.
Cauvery flows by the Panniru Garudaseva temple. The Papavinasam theertham is opposite to this temple. As all importance is attached to Lord alone, there is no shrine for Mother-Goddess or co-deities. Procession deity Srinivasa graces with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi wearing the Salagrama garland. Tirumanjanam is performed to the presiding deity daily. The abishek water and the sandal applied to the Lord are given as Prasad to the devotees. There are two gates in front of the main shrine on both sides, known as Utharayana and Dakshinayana. During the Purattasi (September-October) Brahmmotsava, Gunaseela darshan event is also followed. The Lord appears on his eagle vehicle Garuda on each Tiruvonam star day. Special pujas are performed on Vaikasi Visakam day. Gunseelam temple near Amoor in the norther bank of River Cauveryy is noted for treating those mentally distarded. There is a rehabilitation centre for the patients. They are made to sit in the
Birds natural shelter-Amour cottages

shrine during the afternoon and night pujas. The abishek theertha is spilled on their face.It is said that Srudadeva, disciple of Sage Bharadwaha regained his vision. King Bahuviraja was cured of his paralysis in the legs. Prince of Koorjara kingdom not only was cured of his speech disorder but also became a poet and sung in praise of the Lord. People with any physical problem pray here for cure and mental peace. Grand Anicut is one of the oldest dam built around 2000 years is said to be a symbol of Dravidian engineering. Built by Karikala Cholan, it is used a model for building modern day architecture - perhaps one of the oldest used dams in the world.Srirangam temple is the biggest functioning Hindu temple, is the sacred amongst the Vaishnavites. The temple is on the island, Srirangam and the mythological stories that surrounds the history of the temple is fascinating.Natharvalli Dargah,A 1000 year old mosque once an Easwaran Temple - it is the tomb of Baba Natharvalli. It stands as a symbol of how the locals are a group of peace loving people who accept all religions and co exist in harmony throughout the years. Lady of Lourdes church, a replica of the Lourdes Church in France is situated within St. Joseph's Ccollege compounds. Gothic architecture, intricately stained glass panels with its towering spire makes it remarkable of Indian craftsmanship. -Govin
perfect for relaxing, giving yourself some relief from visiting busy cities. If you wish to enjoy a peaceful stay in the beautiful countryside of Tamil Nadu, Amoor Cottages will provide you a great experience. This place is a small corner of paradise, both comfortable and typical. If you want to discover nice social entrepreneurship
View of Amour cottages
projects, the NGO SEVAI will let you meet Self Help Groups.

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