Friday, January 30, 2015

Mushrooms have been valued as both food and medicine by Amoor Self Help Groups.

Mushroom cultivation by SEVAI SHG woman

AMOOR SEVAI SHG as promoted by Elle/OFI undertook technical skill enhancement training on mushroom cultivation. Mushrooms are increasingly gaining acceptance in everyday consumption. They have created a space in a common man’s kitchen. The two most commonly grown species of mushroom in India are white Button mushroom and Oyster mushroom. Most of the production of white button mushroom in our country is seasonal. The cultivation is done using conventional methods. Usually, unpasteurized compost is used, hence yields are very low. However, in recent years, yield of mushroom has increased as a result of introduction of improved agronomic practices. After the training, the SHG started growing mushroom. From the first lot of mushroom production, According to Women Self Help Groups there is no market problem for the fresh mushroom. Locals and outsider coming to visit Amoor buy all products there on the spot. There is also good demand of fresh mushroom in the Trichy market. Encouraged from the first flush of
Harvested fresh mushroom-Amoor SHG
mushroom production, Amoor SHG intends to expand the groups’ mushroom growing enterprise. The development programmes for Women Self Help Groups focuses their development activities and resources in tune with the felt needs and demand of the rural families, help unfold their entrepreneurial potentialities and get them initiated by themselves for their sustainable livelihoods. Mushrooms have been valued as both food and medicine.  Mushrooms have been a food supplement in various cultures and they are cultivated and eaten for their edibility and delicacy. They fall between the best vegetables and animal protein source. Mushroom consider as a distinctive food. .They are a rich source of nutrition and form a major chunk of health foods. Fats occur in mushrooms in minor amounts, especially compared with protein and carbohydrates, and the fatty fraction consists predominantly of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, they may be the perfect food for maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Mature mushrooms become ready for harvesting in another 2 to 3 days.-Govin

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