Sunday, February 1, 2015

SSMHSS School conducts Bharatanatyam classes: harmonizing mind and body.

Bharatanatyam performed by students

SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary School (SSMHSS) School conducts Bharatanatyam classes: harmonizing mind and body.SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary School children are taught Bharatanatyam by expert classical dance teacher before regular school hours in mornings as Bharatanatyam is one form of South Indian classical dance. Bharatanatyam has moved from the temple performance to schools auditorium and school functions. To start with the school pupils learn basic postures, movements, and choreography of Bharatanatyam as an introduction to Bharatanatyam and Indian culture such as fundamental footsteps, eye, neck movements, and hand gestures which are selected in order to learn and perform selected a dance piece. Students also learn Bharatanatyam terms while learning the movements. The aim of the conducting this dance form
Bharatanatyam Learning
classes are to increase appreciation for Tamil dances and cultures, to examine the role and meaning of dance in social, cultural, and historical contexts through learning Bharatanatyam, to identify unique qualities in Bharatanatyam, and to differentiate Bharatanatyam from other forms of dances, to find ways of communicating meaning and express to improve physical and traditional awareness. 30 girls’ students of this school take practice in this Bharatanatyam classes.
Bharatanatyam is taught in a classical situation, harmonizing mind and body with aspiration to dance for seeking peace and happiness and with the motivation of your own personal spirituality and belief system. Think and move peacefully with calm mind. -Govin

SEVAI Bharthanatiyam performance given in school function

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