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Vegetable cultivation is the main feature of the Thottiyapatty garden land area-OFI/SG- SEVAI Project.

Vegetable packing for market by women farmers

Vegetable cultivation is the main feature of the Thottiyapatty garden land area-OFI/SG- SEVAI Project.The Village farmers of Thottiyapatty especially women farmers are involved in vegetable cultivation under the supervision of SEVAI a local NGO based in Trichy as supported by SG and OFI. Vegetables such as ladies finger, onions, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, Brinjals and greens have been cultivated in this village in 26 acres of land. The women Self Help group farmers began with land preparation; first of all he examined his land and did deep ploughing of the
Vegetable collection from garden by Women SHGs
farm land. The villagers applied farm manure. After land preparation, the farmers cultivated the vegetables in the last November 2014. Seeds germinated very soon. The farmers started taking care of plant and destroyed all unwanted weeds. After one month, flower blooming started and fruiting started abundantly. The farmers started collected the vegetables currently and sell them in the nearby market and they earn good sum for the vegetables through their direct marketing.
Brinjal is an important crop produced in Thottiyapatty watershed area. Most of the commercially important varieties have been selected from the long established types of the suitable to tropical climate. The field is kept weed-free, especially in the initial stage of plant
harvesting Sweet potatoes
growth, as weeds compete with the crop and reduce the yield drastically. Frequent shallow cultivation is done at regular interval so as to keep the field free from weeds and to facilitate soil aeration and proper root development. Two hoeing and the earthing up are required to keep the crop free of weeds. Hand weeding and hoeing are done to control weeds. Brinjal being a long duration crop requires a good amount of manures and fertilizers for high yield. The fertilizer dose depends upon the fertility of soil and amount of organic manure applied to the crop.
Brinjal is one of the
Vegetable harvest-Ladies fingers
most commonly grown vegetable crop of this area. Brinjal has ayurvedic medicinal properties and white brinjal is good for diabetic patients. It is also a source of vitamins A, C and minerals. Brinjal is harvested when it attains good size and colour. The surface of fruit should not lose its brightness and glossy colour. A short piece of the stalk is left attached to the fruit. Vegetable cultivation is an important activity of the watershed project and it provides nutrition to the members of the family and it also sold for affordable costs.-Govin

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