Thursday, January 22, 2015

SEVAI empowers Self Help Rural Women to improve their lives and communities through Cost effective SHG produced sanitary Napkins.

Production of sanitary  Napkins by SEVAI Women Self Help Groups

SEVAI a Trichy based NGO empowers Self Help Rural Women to improve their lives through Cost effective SHG produced sanitary Napkins. In India around 10000 million Sanitary Napkins are used by Indian Women. The use of sanitary napkins is getting higher year after year and a very few major companies, especially multinational companies produce such napkins which are not affordable for the poor women folk. Having understood the need for cost effective napkins production a Trihi based NGO, SEVAI started producing Sanitary Napkins by simple machines by local women self Help Groups which is very important
Mrs.Padmini Govindaraju speaks on women empowerment
for menstrual hygiene of women.
The women Self Help Groups in SEVAI region has taken a solid root and, it has been noted that it is possible for Self Help Groups to produce the sanitary napkins with simple appropriate technology devised machines at reasonably priced production cost of the Napkins with nominal investment, affordable production cost as the users need is vast and is constantly expanding. Quality sanitary napkins at reasonable cost find a market among rural women who can discard their traditional method switchover to the use of sanitary napkins. Many taboos around menstruation have been eliminated by the use of sanitary napkins by women during menstruation period  and now they can visit temples, cook food  as they use to undertake by using the well make cost effective Sanitary Napkins. This use of napkins during menstruation period does not deny the women rights and it gives empowerment of women in participation in all walks of life as men in every day in rural areas too. -Govin

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