Thursday, January 22, 2015

SHG promoted by OFI/SG/SEVAI promotes rural economy with Equivalency education approach.

SHG women groups of Thottiyapatty takes pledge on Quality of Life Improvement

SHG promoted by OFI/SG/SEVAI promotes rural economy with Equivalency education approach.The women SHGs in Thottiyapatty takes pledge on Educational Improvement,Quality of Life Improvement, Livelihood promotion and group interest program with SHG as its agent for its own development. One of the prime developmental objectives of SEVAI is alleviating poverty and ensuring comprehensive development. Water and Soil conservation and promotion of organic farming and conjunctive use of water for irrigation and use of appropriate tools for agriculture operations are some of the key areas of interest of the SHG Projects which aims at greater food production, retention of cultural heritage of rural India, sustaining rural economy.
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The target population of this project is poor households, the most vulnerable sections including the physically

challenged and the marginalized communities. The project adopts community driven development approach involving Village communities at every stage of project implementation. The target population is identified by Village communities using participatory methodologies. A 3 member Social Audit Committee nominated by SHG Federation monitors project activities and ensures adherence of the project principles during implementation. The Committee is accountable to the Village Level SHG Federation and reports to the Village Level SHG Federation on a regular basis. To promote the livelihoods of the poor, apart from individual and small group activities undertaken through bank linkages, the SEVAI/OFI/SG supports formation of economic activity federations of livelihood activities. The project activities to start with are aimed at social mobilization of the poor and marginalized. After formation and building capacity of the community organizations, the project focuses on livelihood promotion of the target population.-Govin

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