Sunday, January 11, 2015

Short film produced by Gramium “Akkam Pakkam” creates awareness on protection of children from abuse.

Short film released-Gramium- P,Narayanan and Director Guna receives the DVD

Gramium, a Tamilnadu based NGO has produced and released a short film on Awareness on protection of girl children who are sexually abused, titled Akkam Pakkam (neighborhoods) in Tamil. This short film is an eye opener for the parents, teachers and public at large.   While extremely explicit, the short film is based on life events and is not only intended to alert, perhaps alarm and create awareness but also to send a clear message to parents and public and especially children that their life is in their hands. This film “Akkam Pakkam” was produced by the direct involvement of P.Narayanan, the chief executive of Gramium and brilliantly directed by Guna. This short film directly and indirectly brings out the awareness on the Child abuse, physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents or others responsible
Senior Citizen Gopal Desikan appreciates efforts of Gramium
for a child's protection. Sexual abuse includes molestation, incest etc. Neglect can be physical in nature abandonment, failure to seek needed care, or emotional and inappropriate verbal abuse, and
there are many interacting causes of child abuse and neglect. Characteristics or circumstances of the abuser, the child, and the family all contribute. Akkam Pakkam enlightens the good touch and bad touch on children and it gives message   that it is important to teach children some basic safety rules such as good touch and bad touch for their protection and this film enlightens the audiences that good/bad touch rules are simple, easy to learn and even a four year old child can learn to protect herself effectively. The child artist Akalya acted very realistic and the entire team of this film those on the screen and off the screen gave their best for educating the public on protecting children from abuse-Govin

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