Wednesday, February 11, 2015

“Healthy teeth and gums are vital to the child’s general health”- Equal Health-Australia, Dental therapists.

Dental Therapy for school pupils

Equal Health-Australia team serves in SEVAI Shanthi HSS School in dental therapy for school pupils. The Dental therapists provide educational, clinical and therapeutic services to the needy children of the school. These Dental therapists provide basic preventive dental care education by diagnosing the need for dental care for school children. The Dental therapists examine and treat diseases of the teeth in primary and secondary school children, under the supervision of dentists. In SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, the dental therapists educate and motivate children in the first aid centre of the school for maintaining good oral health, help to educate the parents and teachers of the school, bring more complex dental problems to the attention of dentists and liaise with other health care providers of the school. The range of procedures the Dental Therapist carry out are: Intra and extra oral assessment, Record indices and monitor disease, Periodontal Treatment, Provide dental health
Dental treatment by Dentists
education on a one to one basis or in a group situation, While dental therapy is administered, the parents and the school teachers are present and the advice given by the dental therapists are well noted by the parents and teachers for follow up and educate the children for the care of their teeth. “Equal Health-Australia” Dental therapists spoke to Parents, “Healthy teeth and gums are vital to the child’s general health to develop strong; healthy teeth by making sure children’s teeth are cleaned twice a day”.-Govin

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