Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mettumarudur School excels in the implementation of joyful teaching and learning.

Confident students of Mettumarudur school

Mettumarudur School excels in the
implementation of joyful teaching and learning.SEVAI Primary Tamil medium school run in Mettumarudur is a dream comes true for a busy teacher. With quick ideas that are simple to implement, the teachers are involved in imparting joyful teaching methods in planning and implementation of Activity Based Learning (ABL). The ABL strategies implemented by the teachers are easy to learn by the pupils’ upto standard IV. The teachers of the school motivate and engage their students to deepen their understanding, work collaboratively, and build community within the classroom. The Tamil medium Mettumarudur school pupils simply love ABL method and In fact, since these strategies suitable for all learners, the entire school integrates them into practice next school year especially standard V. SEVAI Tamil medium school run in Mettumarudur as supported OFI is active and collaborative learning in inclusive classrooms by provides a resource for teachers to create an active,
Creative play time of Metttumarudur school
collaborative learning environment under ABL with classroom theory with applied facts, using classroom-tested examples and clear guidelines to help teachers create and assess the results of such an environment. From assisting individual learners to integrating results into a wider classroom atmosphere, Joyful Learning offers many specifics, making it a perfect pick for practicing teachers. Under Joyful learning of ABL in this school, there are many techniques that teachers use in the classroom for all students. Joyful learning
under ABL make learning meaningful, active, authentic and fun. ABL promotes student collaboration and learning applications that work for a given topics and subjects. This ABL method help the teacher become the inspiration for meaningful, real and engaged student learning in this school. The ideas of Activity based Learning of the school are wonderful because the students are moving around and not just sitting down. They are actively engaged in their learning. The activities ABL are amazingly applicable in classrooms, and explain it in a way that makes it easy for teachers to implement it. Both new teachers and veteran teachers could learn a thing or two from Joyful Learning. The Head Mistress of the school Kaliammal said, “I absolutely love "Joyful Learning" and ABL and "Joyful Learning" gave me so many ideas and strategies to use with ALL of my students. I especially love the "Building Teams and Classroom Communities"- Govin

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