Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Allied Health team of Equal Health plays a vital role for the welfare of disabled children.

Allied Health Team members fix the wheel chairs suitable to children in need

The Allied Health team of Equal Health plays a vital role for the welfare of disabled children. The Allied Health Team of Equal Health, Australia is camping in SEVAI and undertakes disabled welfare and friendly activities in SEVAI School. As a follow up of Go Global of Curtin University, the allied health team members closely monitor the functional capacity of disabled children and need for each disabled child visiting their class rooms and also their respective homes situated in the surrounding villages. The allied health team has an aim of empowering the disabled children serving them to keep in mind the advantages as they grow. These disabled children already suffering from the pain, isolation and indignity of a physical disability,
Assembling wheel chairs by AH members of Equal Health
many of these people must endure further burdens, many forced to live on the ground or wait to be carried to meet their most basic of needs. The Equal Health and Allied health team moves towards more respect, tolerance and social equality, making these children more satisfied and happy. Providing Free Wheelchairs for the use of children in most need in school as well as at homes is a humanitarian, faith-based, nonprofit approach creating dignity, independence and hope through the mobility support of allied health team. Go Global and Equal Health through this approach of providing wheel chairs to the neediest children in SEVAI School area brings transformation that
Happy mother takes the child home
opens doors to education, future employment opportunities and happiness among the disabled and their family members and community at large. It is simultaneously important to overcome Poverty, disease, malnutrition, and lack of proper medical care for the disabled. Poverty, however, is the biggest issue. Factors like access to clean water and a steady, nutritious diet also play a role. The immediate intervention is providing support to the children in need with r wheelchairs is urgent, cost-effective, and highly functional. They are designed with resources in mind, with the goal of providing the transforming mobility support by Allied health team of Equal Health. Wheelchairs provide mobility, and mobility changes everything. Mobility means independence, the ability to participate in society. It means dignity, leaving behind the days of living on the ground. The disabled children parents and SEVAI appreciate the professional support and wheel chair support extended by Allied Health Team of Equal Health and its donors. The team members of Allied health of Equal Health are very specialized and with compassionate approach. -Govin

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