Saturday, February 7, 2015

SEVAI Shanthi HSS Students perform folk dances in School function.

School students of SSMHSS perform folk dances

SEVAI Shanthi HSS Students perform folk dances in School function.While presenting prizes for the outstanding performers of folk dances,the School Principal said, “Performing folk dances by young children fulfills many goals of a good education program. It provides developmentally appropriate ways to develop physical abilities and to enjoy physical exercise, critically needed in today’s society, where many adolescents experience health problems related to being overweight and not getting enough physical activity. It also presents an excellent outlet for active students, desperately needed in school that are more demanding more and more traditional academics and passive behaviors. SSMSS provide a variety of appropriate physical activities for quickly developing, naturally active young students. Folk dancing teaches basic concepts of rhythm, repetition, sequencing, patterning, predictability, anticipation, musical cues, auditory discrimination, and counting. And it is very traditional exposing children to dances from their natives, to dances representing different historical and social times, Folk dance performances. The purpose of folk dancing with adolescents is to have fun, dance in time and temp to the music, and develop a love of dancing. Children love to repeat something they have just learned. Once the basic dance has been practiced the school students add more complicated steps, formations, and expectations, just make sure they are developmentally appropriate. Folk dancing can be easily used, in social activities and celebrations in Schools learning about specific context, climates, customs, and concepts. Folk dances are used for recreation, performances and ways to preserve aspects of a culture. Folk dancing is a wonderful way to introduce school students to the rich diversity, to teach the enjoyment of dance, music, and rhythm, and to begin a lifelong habit of the social enjoyment and physical activity of dancing. Performing folk dance is also an excellent way to provide a legitimate outlet for kinesthetic learners, and an avenue to challenge the active children who often become frustrated and behavioral problems in programs that do not provide for young children’s basic needs. Folk dances lend themselves to a variety of curricular activities. One of the great values of involving school students’ folk dances is exposing them to the rich diversity of regional music”. -Govin

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