Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chennai wall paintings portray Tamil way of life.

Wall paintings

Chennai wall paintings portray Tamil way of life. It is well appreciated by Public that Chennai Municipal Corporation took initiative of involving Tamilnadu Talented Artists for painting public walls with cultural heritage paintings, which is to be retained for generations. These paintings showcase the culture and tradition of Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu has a rich tale to offer be it the temples, folk dances, folk music, , forests, beautiful falls, rural way of life etc, and when we  see them as wall paintings, it simply takes our breath away.. The talented artists have brought out the glory of Tamil people on wall painting works. These paintings
Child Thallattu song
People to work for retaining the Glory of Tamil Culture, Language and Heritage. These paintings portrays the Tamil Culture is nothing else but the Tamil way of life, a pattern gracious living that has been formed during the centuries of Tamil of history. It has been conditioned by the land, the climate, the language, the literature, the religions, the customs, the laws, the food, the games and toys of the Tamil people.
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Tamil culture has made certain definite contributions to world thought of the humanistic approach to life that is characteristic of Tamil Culture. Tamilnadu has a great tradition of heritage and culture that developed over the years continues to flourish. This great cultural heritage of the state of Tamilnadu evolved through the rule of dynasties that ruled the state during various phases of history. Many of the ruling dynasties gave patronage to art and culture that resulted into the
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development and evolution of a unique Tamilnadu today symbolizes with. - Govin

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