Friday, February 6, 2015

Sustained permanent shelters after 10 years in tsunami affected villages.

SEVAI Tsunami Response permanent  houses constructed just after tsunami in Poompuhar

10 years after tsunami in Nagapatinam and Karaikal Districts, SEVAI recollects the tsunami response services rendered and the outcome of the interventions. With regard to Tsunami response, SEVAI was committed intervention for the disaster affected with comprehensive programmes.SEVAI-NGO-has supported the Immediate relief, community through rehabilitation measures as well as long-term actions such as child development, child protection, livelihood support, formation and strengthening of women Self Help groups, land reclamation, coastal plantation, formation and capacity building of task force committees, preparation of disaster mitigation plans, installation of early warning systems etc. The staff strength increased three fold, innovative actions had been undertaken, dynamic relationships had been promoted with new partners and deprived communities had been reached with comprehensive projects. The unheard of an unbelievable Tsunami stuck coastal Tamil Nadu on 26th December 2004. The official death toll after 8 days records over 7,000 deaths. Nagapattinam district with a long coastline is the worst affected in Tamil Nadu. Over 7,000 deaths have been recorded in this district alone. The whole world was shocked to learn that Nagapattinam District was among the worst ravaged by a Tsunami on 26th December 2004. Overnight Nagapattinam and Karaikal became world-known devastated places, although for very sad reasons. Nearly 100,000 people were lodged in 94 Relief Camps in schools and halls. The greatest Post-Tsunami impact on the society is the effect of the tsunami on the children. The children who have seen the tidal wave and have escaped still have nightmares. Those who have lost their parents, brothers or sisters have become totally shocked.  Though schools have reopened the children who attend schools are unable to concentrate on their studies. Thus, the future leaders and the ones to forget and come up in life need to come
View of Poompuhar tsunami Response homes in 2014 constructed by SEVAI
out of the Tsunami Trauma. The Child Centered Spaces aims to achieve exactly this. SEVAI with the support of Donor agencies were involved in tsunami recovery project. SEVAI had undertaken immediate response for providing food for 4 weeks for 5000 people those affected in 16 villages. Construction of
Temporary Shelters  for 2705 affected families, provided 130 fishing  boats, SHG- Revolving Funds – 64 SHGs,promoted livelihood projects-  goats rearing project for 10 villages, constructed 1250 Permanent Housing, established two first aid centres, undertaken Public Health Programme in  13 villages, Solid Waste Management in  10 villages and implemented 16 Community Micro Projects established 10 Anganwadis, 13 Schools renovated provided Family Relief Packages for 5000 families, 185 acres of renovation of agriculture lands,412 young women were trained in Vocational Training Programme, and shelter improvement for 2012 families. Now at the completion of 10th year, an assessment was made for the villages where SEVAI had constructed permanent homes, it was found that the houses are kept neat and extension have been undertaken by the families those were supported with shelter projects.-Govin.

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