Saturday, February 7, 2015

Food served on a banana leaf in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation HS School.

Food served to school students in a banana leaf

Evening supplementary Food is served on a banana leaf in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation HS School for school pupils those who take additional study to obtain exemplary marks in Public Examinations. The banana leaves are available in this school area fields.Mahila who serves the food in this school says, “It is one of the most Eco-friendly, disposable food serving method and it is healthy and hygienic, practical. Banana leaves are also used in some ayurvedic medicinal preparations. By serving hot food on a banana leaf, one could get a lot of that good stuff. Banana plants are herbaceous perennials. They are mostly foliage, with stems made of rolled leaf layers. The plant leaves, which are up to 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, unfurl from these stalks. Banana plants are a common fruit crop. Banana leaves also offer nutritional and medicinal benefits in addition to having other value. The wrapped banana leaves that form the plant's stem contain starch, which is extracted through a fermentation or cooking process.  A simple sprinkling of water is enough to clean a banana leaf. When people eat at places with questionable hygiene it is always preferable to eat in a banana leaf than an inadequately cleaned plate. Other leaves are too small to have food in and Indian population is too big to have everybody use plastic utensils without screwing up the environment in a big way. It is waterproof as local foods involve a lot of liquids and many other bio materials don't fit in easily. The leaves are quite big and are great to present the diverse food stuffs. It adds a nice aroma to the food and improves the taste of some foods like rasam, South Indian soup. People love to follow the eating ways of family elders. It is nice to have a bit of history and culture when you are dealing with something as fundamental as food. It’s because when the banana leaf gets heated from hot food served on it, a characteristic sweet smell gets mixed with the food and make it more delicious. Eating food served on banana leaf is found to be healthy. Serving hot food on banana leaf will emanate important nutrients from the leaf which will be mixed with the food and will be eaten. This is considered to be very good for health. In the past banana leaves were easily available and were large enough to contain all the food. Also, there is no particular smell in the leaf. Leaves are easily disposable and environment friendly. Even burning the leaves, the ozone layers are not affected. It can endure heat and react well without tearing apart from the heat. The green leaf adds value to food and it contains the leafy taste to make it better”.-Govin

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