Sunday, March 22, 2015

Education is the key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty-SG/OFI-SEVAI Project.

First Generation of Girls going to School attending evening coaching claases in Dasilnaickanoor

Education is the key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Education allows people to be more productive, earn better wages, protect their health and have a voice in their society. The power of education extends across generations. Children of mothers who have been to school are healthier, better nourished and more likely to attend and succeed in school than children of mothers who have never gone to school; education is one of the most effective weapons against HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and raises awareness of living conditions and environmental protection. Life expectancy rises by as much as 2 years for every 1 per cent increase in literacy. Education especially girls education is at the heart of development and recognized the importance of closing the gender gap. The problem of basic education is also on the supply side the availability of safe, accessible, gender-sensitive schools, employment possibilities for women, or educational information for families. In SG/OFI-SEVAI Project, when the importance of education is explained, parents eagerly send their daughters to school in Dasilnaickanoor. The development of child-friendly, gender-sensitive teaching methods that reach out to children's individual needs improves the learning experience for all students of Dasilnaickanoor. SEVAI targets children of 3-14 years of age from lower middle class families, many of whom are probably the first generation going to school. To fulfill the learning needs of the children, teachers are encouraged to view the overall social and physical environment as a vast learning resource. Parents and communities also actively participate in the learning process of their girl child in this evening coaching classes conducted in Dasilnaickanoor under SG-OFI/SEVAI Project. SEVAI believes that the concept of multiple intelligence, which is based on the assumption that each learner is intelligent and talented, no matter what the background or exposure. SEVAI concentrates explicit curricular messages with goals including numeracy, communication and language, critical thinking, environmental concerns/ecology, health and hygiene, character-building self-development, and social awareness under this education project. This project helps evening coaching schools to provide supplies, safe water and sanitation as Water, sanitation and hygiene are crucial to getting and keeping girls in school. The lack of clean and separate sanitation facilities in schools discourages many girls from attending school full time and forces some of them to drop out altogether, particularly as they approach adolescence and the onset of menstruation such bottlenecks have been eliminated in this school atmosphere especially in evening classes. Girls Children are provided supplementary nutritious food for providing nutrients, energy and the ability to learn.-Govin

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