Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back yard gardening generates income and nutrition level of farmers of Poompuhar area.

Homes tree plantation

Back yard gardening generates income and nutrition level of farmers of Poompuhar area. Backyard gardening  is promoted by SEVAI target villages in the coastal area of Poompuhar region, the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, flowers, and plants. The Backyard gardening  of this region also includes tree, bush and perennial vine fruits; perennial bush and tree nuts; vegetables roots, tubers, shoots, stems, leaves, fruits and flowers of edible and mainly annual plants; cut flowers, potted ornamental plants, and bedding plants; and trees, shrubs, turf and ornamental grasses propagated and produced in nurseries for use in landscaping or for establishing fruit Backyard gardening  . Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation in Poompuhar region is a prominent works for the marginal and small farmers. India is essentially agrarian and rural, with ample scope for lands for farming and cultivation and it has also helped for the cultivation of a large variety of fruits as well as vegetables. India serves as the home to various kinds of vegetable as fruits, and holds a vital position in the field of productions of fruits and vegetables.This Poompuhar region deals with
trees grown
home gardens. Honey is a good example and is often considered to be a
Backyard gardening product. Cultivated or gathered mushrooms are most often classed as Backyard gardening crops. Sweet corn produced for fresh market. Horticultural cropping systems are intensive in terms of investment, labour requirements and other inputs and are often but not always confined to smaller parcels of high quality land. Protected cultivation and irrigation are common. Accordingly, the products of horticultural enterprise usually have a much higher per unit value than crops grown in less intensive systems. Clearly, horticulture science addresses the needs and issues of horticultural industry as described above. Environmental horticulture supports activities like home gardening. These activities are often used in a human health construct we know as horticultural therapy. Thus, horticulture has an important "quality of life" component. Horticultural practice exists to build and maintain human knowledge, skills and biological resources in support of horticulture industry and environment enhancement. Backyard gardening practices explore and explain the many contributions of plants to a healthy environment for human life and well being. Backyard gardening must be deemed an essential life science.-Govin

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