Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Channakarai SHGs are successful in tailoring and embroidery enterprises as promoted by SGF/OFI-SEVAI.

Chennakarai SHGs involved in Tailoring and embroidery

Channakarai SHGs are successful in tailoring and embroidery enterprises as promoted by SGF/SEVAI. SEVAI-is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, working together with women self help groups and Local Communities in Trichirapalli District to improve socio economic conditions of Human Well-Being.SHG is group of rural poor who have volunteered to organize themselves into a group for eradication of poverty of the members. They agree to save regularly and convert their savings into a Common Fund known as the Group corpus. The members of the group agree to use this common fund and such other funds that they may receive as a group through a common management. Generally all members of the group belong to families below the poverty line. A person is not be a member of more than one group. The BPL families actively participate in the management and decision making. The group operates a group account preferably in their service area bank branch, so as to deposit the balance amounts left with the groups after disbursing loans to its members. In Chnnakarai village, the Women SHGs have started sewing and embroidery business is a lively industry. Not only can they do fixing jobs, but they can do personalized orders as well. They are free to do customized work and capture loyal customers who can in turn refer people to them. The women SHGs developed a sewing and embroidery business plan. The sewing business is not just merely sewing it also has all to do with running it in a balanced way to succeed. They set up your work place at village common place and Organized for business in the village space. They also prepare the Checklist of supplies and equipment listing down what their business needs to operate daily and have an inventory list of all your in home items. The women SHGs of Chennakarai hose are involved in tailoring and embroidery business Hire an extra hand when business begins to pick up, they need extra hands to help them meet orders. They also hire people who are skilled in this field and who are willing to work long hours to meet job order deadlines and the enterprise SHG finds people who can delegate tasks to with minimal supervision. Their key areas of intervention include Marketing their services and managing their embroidery business. The Women SHGs of Chennakarai strongly believes that Management activities are essential in their business, first manage your money, making sure they are ahead of their enterprise plan, and manage your orders. Then they manage their production and make sure all productions are done on schedule and properly and take up random checks on the finished work products of by their members and finally manage their deliveries. -Govin

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