Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SEVAI Shanthi Matric Higher Secondary School excels well in YOGA

Yoga performing students with their certificates
Trichy Zonal Yoga Teachers Association and Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research Centre organized Yoga program in Trichy and the organizers appreciated and said ‘SEVAI Shanthi Matric Higher Secondary School students excels well in YOGA”.  The organizers handed over participation certificates to the yoga performing students. The Yoga trainer Nadhiya mentioned in the school that the students were enthusiastic in yoga performance. The Principal of SEVAI Shanthi Matric Higher Secondary School,Mrs.Chita Balasubramanian appreciated the participants and said, “Yoga can help cultivating motivation, growing internal locus of control, improve sleep, and generally encourage healthy and balanced living. Yoga also motivates stress management; improve academic performance, self-esteem, classroom behaviours, concentration, and emotional balance. Yoga is a holistic, comprehensive approach to stress, and can offset stress by providing a moment of pause amidst all the activity.
Yoga performance 
Yoga, which is a way of life, is characterized by balance, health, harmony, and bliss.
One can see the benefits in promoting yoga as a lifetime fitness option. The students can really enjoy getting in tune with their minds and bodies as a whole as opposed to separate entities. Today’s students face tremendous pressure to achieve within a world that is often overwhelming. The tools of yoga and mindfulness offer proven methods of developing the inner resilience needed to navigate physical, mental and emotional stress.”Physical Director Nadhiya thanked the management of the School for giving her and the students for the participation of Yoga performance-Kris

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