Thursday, September 14, 2017

SEVAI Moon School students are taught the importance of Patriotism.

Moon School students are trained in Patriotism

SEVAI Moon Schools of rural Tamilnadu are being trained in cultural program imbibing the values of Patriotism. The trainer enlightened the students of rural area that Swami Vivekananda wanted every Indian to be proud of his country and its heritage and study and assimilate the values in Indian culture, be proud of the cultural legacy, and then strive for further enrichment. He was convinced that a dynamic future with all-round excellence, both at individual and collective levels, can be built only through assimilating and enhancing the core cultural values that India has been nourishing all through her history. The trainer Speak highly about the country to the pupils and taught them to respect it and the national symbols like National Flag, National Anthem etc. The Moon School trainer further trained with the theme, “India is a land where great leaders were born who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country and quoted the real examples like the Mahatma Gandhi's picture on Indian currency notes or various roads/ airports named after some of the great leaders. There are special names given to the birth/death anniversaries of some of the great leaders like Martyr's Day on 30th January. The trainer further quoted in the cultural program the quotation marks of Rabinthinath Tagore “The country is not a certain area of land of mountains, rivers and woods, but it is the identity. Patriotism is the loyalty to that identity and the ideals that it represents. India has been the land of martyrs who have embraced the gallows for their ideals. Every drop of their blood is fragrant with patriotism and dedication to India. Our Students are taught to follow the path of these martyrs and to be accountable for
Cultural Heritage performance by School students
their work, the value most needed for Democracy to work in the right sense”.
The present generation needs the sense of patriotism and its pride. Our nation should have full of citizens the feel belonged to their country, India. So it is imperative for parents to try to develop sense of patriotism in their children. The Indians scattered all over the world would come together even after so many generations because of strong sense of nationalism inherited by them from their forefathers. Developing a sense of patriotism begins with studying history. History should be studied in a global context not only as an academic subject to get good marks in but as a source to develop patriotism. The parents and teachers should imbibe the same outlook then only they can change way of thinking of children. The Moon school children are encouraged to study about our freedom fighters so that they can develop love and respect for our nation, India. The cultural programs are rehearsed making the school kids aware of their Rights as well as their Duties. The cultural events emphases “If living peacefully is our Right, then letting others live peacefully are our Duty. We should not take the law in our hands at any cost. Keeping our locality clean, not destroying our national property, following civic rules are some of the duties all should adhere to. When kids would know about their duties, a sense of responsibility would develop which would help them to become better citizens in future”. -Kris

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