Friday, September 15, 2017

SEVAI Shanthi Matric Higher Secondary School celebrated AVVAIYAR Day

SEVAI in Avvaiyar Way....
SEVAI Shanthi Matric Higher Secondary School celebrated AVVAIYAR Day recently and Tamil Teacher Kavitha spoke on this occasion and delved a speech highlighting the value of Avvaiyar poems and its applications in all time life and narrated further, “Tamil Language is an ancient language and also it is categorized as a classical Language. The language generated lots of wonderful scholars whose works had been translated into different other foreign languages. 'Granny Avaiyar' who was an exceptional poet. AVVAIYAR IS the poetess of the Tamil country who lived thousands of years ago, propagating the fragrance of Tamil literature and also speaking about morality and spirituality. She acted as a messenger between the warring Tamil kings and brought peace among them. Avvaiyyar was a notable female poet of the Ninth century. She is popular for her amazing poetry which contains moral instructions. She was also a respectable and noble saint of that time. Her poems are still has the importance and popularity in Tamil Nadu. Most of the children learn her poetry during their education in Tamil language. Avvaiya means respectable old lady or Grandmother.Avvaiyar lived during the time of Kambar and Ottakoothar. Tamil people describe her as an intelligent old lady. She wrote many poems that has moral value and importance till now. Even many of her poems are included in the school text books of Tamil Nadu. These morals are arranged in simple and short sentences that are useful for daily life. From the childhood, Avvaiyar was fond of Lord Ganesha. She always does her prayer for the blessings of poetry, music and drama. When she grew up she accomplished her education and became highly talented in the field of poetry. Her inner qualities increased and complement her intelligence. Avvaiyar was interested and showed deep passion towards poetry from the early age. Those poems are easily understandable and people love to remind her poems.After this change, she began her journey as a traveler and observed the life of common man. She used her knowledge, inspiration and social ethics into her poetry. She had lots of love towards the common man and she admired their simple life. Her poems tell us about the common people and their life. She also included few morals, dos and don’ts’, simple ways to live a happy life etc. She wrote several poems for youngsters like you to abide by a strongly disciplined life. Granny Avvai's poems such as 'Aaththisoodi', 'Konraiventhan', etc which have been served as pleasant simple poems that instruct youngsters a great deals about living in the right way. Here
Respect to Avvaiyar by women Groups

are some of the short words poems of the Granny Avvaiyar:'Mathiyathar Thalai-vasal Mithiyaathey' means 'Never step-on the doorsteps of those who do not respect you'. 'Enn-Eluththu Ihalel' means 'Never, ever ignore the importance of learning''Eeatpathu Iehalvu' means 'Begging is a disgrace' (and so work hard to earn).She has been applauded by everyone as an excellent female poet of all time that the Tamil language found.-Don't wait for a return benefit as to when a good deed done will pay back, but be just like that tall and erect coconut tree that drank water from its feet gives the benefit of giving that sweet water by its head."- Kris

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