Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kinder garten teachers are to be more professional in handling kids of Kindergarten. - Chairman of South Zone Board of Continuing Education.

Hand holding support to kids of Kinder garden in Building Blocks School.
Kinder garten teachers are to be more professional in handling kids of Kindergarten. During training session of kindergarten teaching techniques training the Chairman of South Zone Board of Continuing Education K.Govindaraju enlightened the teachers, “Kinder garden teachers are to be more professional in handling kids of Kindergarten”. The Chairman further said, “Kindergarten is the first time most children are exposed to a classroom environment that's less about playing and more about sitting still, listening to the teacher and completing classwork. Teachers in kindergarten classrooms use several teaching methods to ensure that each student is learning what she needs to know. The same teaching methods are designed to help students who excel remain challenged, as well as to help students who are lagging behind catch up, because they incorporate a wide range of instructional strategies. If you believe that teaching your child to read and helping your child develop proficient reading skills is the key to future success and if you wish to help r children develop to their fullest potential. Young children are generally motivated to learn about everything. Unless they have been made fun of regularly, when investigating or presenting their knowledge, they usually have a strong desire to find out and share information. One of the best teaching methods is to motivate children by modeling enthusiasm and curiosity. Motivation comes from within and from outside. Making too much fuss of any one child can result in a competitive attitude in the class. Model curiosity and asking questions about the topics studied. When children have an opportunity to communicate their new knowledge to patient adults it helps solidify concepts. It often takes children time to find the correct words to explain their thinking and to supply the students with descriptive words as they are playing or working, This extends their vocabulary and increases their ability to share new discoveries. The Kinder garden teachers are to maintain a classroom atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. For some kindergarten children, the classroom will be one of the few places where their opinions and ideas have been heard and valued. Learning doesn’t happen if a child is over tired, hungry, upset, scared or worried. Learning is to be flexible and understanding with young children is a skill that will serve you well in your
Creative Kinder Garden teacher in B.B.School,Bangaluru
educational career. At times, children need to get away from everyone and be left alone. A small space, such as under your desk, works is well for some students who are too overwhelmed by home or other circumstances, to cope with their peers or their teacher. If a student is hungry, it’s easier to let her eat part of her lunch early or to provide a snack, than to try to force the child to concentrate on a task until the scheduled eating time. Most Kids often do not have the vocabulary to express themselves and teachers are to use reflective listening to help children understand what is upsetting them. Sometimes children work well in groups and this helps them learn to share and develop ideas and at other times they need to be alone with ample time to figure things out and to relax and have fun with your students.
The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention, and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen, classroom experience should be redefined and innovative ideas that make teaching methods more effective should be implemented and teachers are to be trained in some innovative ideas that will help teachers reinvent their teaching methods and make their classes interesting. Teachers are to be trained in Creative Teaching, Use of Audio & Video Tools, “Real-World” Learning, Brainstorm, Classes outside the Classroom, Storyboard Teaching, Stimulating Classroom Environment, Welcome New Ideas, think About a New Hobby, Think About A New Hobby, Start School Clubs or Groups, and Introduce Lessons Like a Story. Kinder garden schools to take measures for improving the quality of teaching and learning, these innovative ideas are sure to make teaching methods more effective”. - Kris

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