Thursday, October 12, 2017

“Fiber-rich coconut pulp aids in digestion and provides iron and other minerals to our diet”- K.Devendran, SEVAI.

SEVAI Cocunut Nursery Field
Watershed Project Coordinator of SEVAI, K.Devendran trained the farmers in tree growing especially growing Coconut trees. SEVAI encourages people grow coconut even in their fields and backyards and increase the overall productivity, SEVAI is all set to commence a coconut nursery on the SEVAI Nursery farm in the premises at Melapatty for production of varieties that suit local conditions. When we crack open the coconut, we see a thin coating surrounding the inner side of white coconut pulp. This fiber-rich coconut pulp aids in digestion and provides iron and other minerals to our diet, but it is high in fat. K.Devendran mentioned, “In a perennial crop like coconut which exhibits considerable genetic variations and is being propagated only through seeds, the selection and use of planting material of higher intrinsic value assume much importance. Nuts should be collected from
K.Devendran of SEVAI in demo 
gardens with a record of consistently high yield which comprises a high proportion of heavy bearers, and situated under average conditions without heavy manuring irrigation and free from the incidence of pests and diseases. Methods of planting of seed nuts in vogue are horizontal or vertical with stalk-end up or in an oblique position. Although horizontal planting is critically the best over other methods, vertical planting is widely practiced, because of easy transportation without damage because of better attachment of shoot to nut. The seedlings raised by following vertical planting suffer more from drought and are less robust than those from flat or horizontal method and seedlings obtained by this method are less likely to be damaged at transplanting because the attachment between shoot and nut is much better protected by the husk. With horizontal planting rate of germination and subsequent growth of seedlings will be faster compared to vertical planting. Notching hastens the germination of vertically planted nuts. Nursery is watered twice a week depending on the climatic conditions and a total weed free environment is provided by periodical weeding. Immediately after planting nursery area is mulched with coconut leaf which is known to promote early and better germination, good growth of seedlings and high percentage of good seedlings. A careful watch should be made on pests and diseases especially termites”.

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