Thursday, October 19, 2017

SEVAI Promotes child friendly toilets

Child friendly toilet promoted by SEVAI RTC
SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School has toilets and water, the basic necessity in schools. SEVAI Rural Technology centre help to build toilets and maintain them, provide running and clean drinking water for school children in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School and two other schools. The impact of the project is better health and improved school attendance and reduction is school drop outs among the project villages. SEVAI Promoted the child-friendly approach to school toilet, hygiene, sanitation and water and maintain facilities that are part of the learning environment, are hygienic and safe to use and can be sustained and maintained by the school community itself. The facilities provided encourages hygienic behavior, Have appropriate dimensions and adjustments for children,  Offer enough capacity and minimal waiting time, Use appropriate locations for young children, Address the needs for children with physical disabilities, Stimulate children’s learning and development, and ensure that educational tools are designed in an age-appropriate way , environment friendly toilets and use system.SEVAI has established a Sanitation/Toilet Rural   Technology Centre at Sirugamani in Tiruchi district. The Sanitation/Toilet Rural   Technology Centre was established displays various models of toilets which could be used in Clean India movement in rural areas. The trainings are provided to masons and members of Womens Self -Help Groups formed by SEVAI and Government and have also received both training of various models. Sanitation/Toilet Rural   Technology Centre also has models of toilets which require reduced intake of Water suitable to the coastal, tribal, rocky terrain, water-logging and models for urban areas. The centre also has models of School toilets which are suitable for primary and middle schools in rural areas. The sanitation project is to build latrines for boys and girls in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School with water supply, and placing tanks for water storage in the school. The project also takes up the maintenance of toilets for daily cleaning and upkeep. This ensures that the toilets are used and habituates the children to use a clean toilet. Drinking water purification system is installed to ensure bacteria free water is available in school. The project benefits 2000 children in the project adopted schools.-Kris

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