Friday, October 12, 2018

SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School observed International Day of the Girl Child.

Girl students share their views on Girl Child rights

The International Day of the Girl Child was celebrated in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Pettavaithalai in Trichy District on 11th October with the  main aims of the day are to promote girl’s empowerment and fulfillment of their human rights while also highlighting the challenges that girls all over the world face. This day was observed in collaboration with TNAU Agri students from various districts, residing at KVK Sirugamani. Mrs.Meena, Vice Principal of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School presided over the celebration function and said “International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. Oct 11, 2012, was the first Day of the Girl Child. The observation supports more opportunity for girls
and increases awareness such access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against girls and girl
child marriage. The Day of Girls helps raise awareness not only of the issues that girls face, but also what is likely to happen when those problems are solved. For example, educating girls helps reduce the rate of child marriage, disease and helps strengthen the economy by helping girls have access to higher paying job”.

Mrs.Meena added further about good and bad touches of a girl child and said
Pleasantries shared among Girl students
Good" touch is touch that we agree to, that makes us feel happy or takes care of our health. “Bad" touch makes us feel scared or uncomfortable, and it means that the other person shouldn't be touching us in that way.
Through storytelling and song, children learn how to differentiate between “good and bad touches”.Dr.Amuthaselvi, Dr.Vijayalalitha Associate Professor of KVK Sirugamani, Amutha from Gramalaya (NGO) also enlightened the importance of Health and Hygiene and safety of the Girl child. 60 Girls students of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School of VIII standard of enthusiastically participated in this programme. Pleasantries were shared among  the girls students participated in this program.-Kris

TNAU Student speaks about girls empowerment on this occasion

Sophia, a former student of SSMHSS and current student of Trichy college  writes the importance of girl child day as:
"Education plays one of the most important roles in Women Empowerment. Girl Education was never considered necessary in the previous time. But over the period of time people have realized the importance of a girl’s education. It is now considered as the awakening of girls in the modern era. Women are now competing with men in all the spheres of life. There are a lot of advantages involved in the education of girls. A well-educated and grown up girl can play an important role in the development of the country. An educated girl can share the load and burden of the men in different fields. A well-educated girl if not forced to marry in her early age, can serve as writer, teacher, advocate, doctor, and scientist. She can perform very well in other important fields too. Education is a boon for girls in this age of economic crises. In today’s time, it is really difficult to meet both the ends in a middle-class family. After the marriage, an educated girl can work and help her husband in bearing the expenses of the family. Education helps a girl become economically independent while she knows her rights and women empowerment which helps her to fight against the problem of gender inequality. Educating girls is known to be the basis for sound economic and social development. Educating girls produces mothers who are educated and who will in turn educate their children, care for their families and provide their children with adequate nutrition. Educating refers to every aspect of education that aims at developing the skill and knowledge of girls and women. This includes the general education at colleges, schools, professional education, technical and vocational educations, health education, etc. The education of the girl child has the ability of bringing socioeconomic changes. When a girl is protected through her rights, the society is assured of its sustainability. Girls' education is a strategic development priority. When a girl is protected through her rights; the society is assured of its sustainability, improved health: Educated girls bring an awareness of the important of hygiene and health. Through education, they can lead a healthy life style. The improvement of a nation depends on girl’s learning". -Kris


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