Sunday, October 14, 2018

SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO Promotes Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates production as eco-friendly disposable plates.

ArecaNut palm leaves plates production

We need to preserve Environment for our upcoming human generation. Pure nature ruined by us gradually with harmful things, since we are disposing millions of food plates per day, those Plastic or other chemical based plates becomes earth's dangerous garbage. Not only harmful for earth but also for living beings. Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates are made of palm leafs which are naturally fallen from the tree which can be converted as elegant looking plates and cups. The Arecanut Palm Leaf Plates made of palm leaves is natural ancient way by pressing the leaves with heated metal moulds. No other artificial adhesives are used as 100% natural plates. The product which is been launched are plates and bowls of different shapes and sizes made out of arecanut leaves. Areca leaf plates are made of naturally shed leaves from the areca palms. These leaves are strong fibers and can be composted. Plates of various shapes and sizes can be made. Manufacturing of these plates have no negative impact on the environment. In terms of starting up a business on a micro scale, disposable plates are considered as a profitable enterprise. Due to its increasing demand, disposable cups and plates manufacturing business will never go outdated. Owning a high demand, the disposal products have created an ideal market to launch a business of own making sure to earn a higher profit margin. Since it is light in weight and is easy and convenient to carry from one place to other, these products are highly used in commercial and domestic sectors thus have become the need of the hour. The products are now being produced by SEVAI SHG in a wide range of choices, designed exclusively in accordance with the needs and preference of the consumer. In order to fully realize the benefits of using biodegradable plates and other food containers, it is necessary to dispose of them properly. Palm leaf plates are elegant and they feel nice in our hands. Food won't soak through the leaves. The plates are biodegradable. No trees are harmed in the harvesting process since the sheaths are naturally shed by the tree. These sheaths are collected from the forest floor and then processed to make plates and platters.-Kris

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