Saturday, August 13, 2011

Herrsching- Germany Workshop promotes important ideas to improve youth work -P.Chitra, SEVAI

Ms.P.Chitra,extreme left with a German host family as internship of workshop
Herrsching- Germany International Leadership Workshop for Youth promotes countless important ideas for initiatives to improve rural youth work has been put into practice-shared by Mrs.P.Chitra, an earlier  workshop participant from SEVAI in a seminar on youth development in SEVAI Arumbuhalnagar. She added that every two years, the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection hosts the International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth, an event which has been held in Herrsching (by the Ammersee Lake) for what is now over fifty years. This unique workshop enjoys an outstanding reputation among rural youth movements on all continents. She shared further, “On the 22 July 1960, a meeting of representatives from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and WAY (World Assembly of Youth) was held in Paris and led to Germany agreeing to host an international seminar for Rural Youth Work reflecting the wish expressed by many European rural youth leaders to promote the mutual exchange of experience and ideas. The International Workshop brings together leaders of rural youth associations from all around the world at regular intervals to provide them with theoretical support and ideas for practical measures to implement rural youth work. Since the first workshop in 1962, all twenty-four International Workshops have been held under the patronage of the FAO at the Education and Training Centre of the Bavarian Farmer’s Union in Herrsching (Lake Ammersee), today the House of Bavarian Agriculture. Over 1,650 participants from a total of 148 countries have so far attended the workshops. As a result of the workshops, countless important ideas for initiatives to improve rural youth work have been put into practice over the past few decades”. Living with a Bavarian host family for a day was an exciting experience and learning, I enjoy living in this Bavarian Family” Chitra concluded and she thanked DESWOS-Germany for supporting her trip. Govin

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