Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kinder garden outdoor games help kids to develop creative skills.

Outdoor games for kids

In SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation School in Pettavaithali, Kindergarten outdoor games activities are being organized periodically to help show the children the fun side of learning. Outdoor play is important for kids as the increasing amount of indoor activities children partake in may have a negative impact on their emotional, cognitive, social and physical development. Games for kinder garden kids can involve physical exercise, such as racing and tag, as well as nature adventures that teach them about plants and animals. Learning to play outdoor games uses creativity, imagination, cooperation, and brain power by making up new games and participating in sports and games that have been around for decades. Playing outside games can teach a child social skills while releasing stress and forming friendships. Young children learn by using their five senses and movement. So much more can be experienced through the senses when outdoors while expanding a child's imagination. Even short periods in the natural world improve a child's mood and appreciation for our earth. The kinder garden children from playing outside benefit as it develop strong bones, work muscles, and improves mood with prolonged physical activity. Humans need sunlight. Many people are vitamin D deficient and don’t even know it. Playing outside strengthens the immune system. When children play in dirt or touch bugs, they are building up their immune system naturally to things in our environment. We crave friendships for support, learning, and experiencing closeness to others. Children are curious about everything. They learn by exploring and discovering using their five senses. They need opportunities to smell, touch, taste, see and hear different things in our environment including the dirty/messy stuff such as rain and mud. Have children listen for sounds in the stillness. We are part of nature and playing outside develops an appreciation of our earth and the creatures inhabiting it. Childhood memories will be built from making neighborhood friends which creates a sense of community and belonging.-Govin

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