Thursday, September 14, 2017

SEVAI Vocation Educational Institutes provide skills for job-oriented courses as “Fit for job and fit for Life” is current slogan for employability of our emerging youth population.

Karuvi communiy vocational Institute students  arrival of the students.
SEVAI Vocation Educational Institutes provide skills for job-oriented courses as “Fit for job and fit for Life” is current slogan for employability of our emerging youth population. With support of Amis foundation and technical support of IGNOU SEVAI runs skill development centres 12o women in Karuvi and Kadambadi of Nagapatinam District based on the job requirement of the area. Vocational Skill development is necessary it should evolve according to the student's age to create ideal employees in the 21st century. SEVAI Director, K.Govindaraju spoke to the trainees on 13th September in Karuvi and enlightened, “In the changing world scenario with regard to industry and the job market, there is now an overpowering need for skilled workers. However, the definition of 'skill' in India, and the world in general, has also changed over recent years.  India is relatively young as a nation with more than 50 per cent of its population is below the age of 25. About 90 per cent of employment opportunities require vocational skills. Only 20 per cent of our graduates get employed. The rest are unable to get suitable employment due to the lack of employable skills. In the present context of globalisation, the demand for skilled and multi skilled workers has increased. Therefore in the context of developing countries, such as India, there is a critical need for quality skill development and training. Professional job-oriented skill Education and Training is an important element of the nation’s education initiative. In order for Vocational Education to play its part effectively in the changing national context and for India to enjoy the fruits of the demographic dividend, there is an urgent need to redefine the critical elements of imparting vocational education and training to make them flexible, contemporary, relevant, inclusive and creative. The Government is well aware of the important role of Vocational education and has already taken a number of important initiatives in this area. A vocational course, as the name suggests, aims to prepare students for a specific profession, vocation or trade. These courses are tailor made and quite direct in their purpose which is to make students completely job-ready. The term 'vocational' means 'work-related'. Vocational courses involve less of the traditional academic learning and more of hands-on training. Such courses focus on applying the skills learnt and are the ideal stepping stone from the world of education to a stable career. Getting trained for a particular vocation is always an added advantage for any job-seeker.  Having a certificate from an independent body which
states that those have the necessary skills to perform in a particular profession will always give
the youth trained that extra edge when they are out in the job market.  Vocational courses will
Hand Embrodairy work
improve the “employability”. “Of late, employability of graduates coming out of our educational system is becoming a matter of great concern. The following are some of the reasons why vocational training, is a very good form of education. Vocational graduates have better employment opportunities than graduates from academic schools. It goes without saying that getting an office job is a struggle. Technical programs typically include required core classes and electives that allow students to branch into sub-topics or specialty areas. This makes for a more focused learning experience than a bachelor’s degree that includes liberal arts requirements. Vocational school programs are typically shorter than a private or public college. Associate degree programs at community colleges or technical schools typically include two years of full-time study. The term ‘vocational’ actually means ‘work-related’. Some people are not aware that you can actually get vocational qualifications that will take you up to the same level as a degree, so the opportunities for continued personal development are still there, even if you don’t choose the conventional route. Vocational graduates have entrepreneurial skills. Vocational graduates possess good attitudes toward work; they are able to physically engage themselves from start to finish of a project. For students who have trouble with motivation and accountability, vocational courses offer an excellent chance to develop these vital skills. Vocational graduates possess necessary technical skills in their specialization.-Kris

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